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Mural / Spring 2016
Jesus Washing St. Peter's Feet
Holy Spirit RC Church, Buffalo NY

Acrylic Canvas / Installed on Wall

Timothy Englert was commissioned to paint a mural depicting
Jesus washing St. Peter's feet. The original image was found on the web.
Unfortunately, the original artist 's name could not be found.
A grateful thank you to that unknown creator.

Charcoal drawing from original
on gridded gessoed canvas

Grisaille [tones of grey]
is painted over charcoal

Grisaille completed
in the studio

grisaille installed
colors painted

mural completed
border added

detail / finished mural
click to enlage

detail / finished mural
click to enlage

finished mural
click to enlage

12th Station of the Cross Restoration
St Josaphat R.C. Church, Cheektowaga NY
Fall 2015

Timothy Englert was commissioned
to restore a damaged Station of the cross

before restoration
water damaged

after restoration
enhanced with background,
detail and vivid colors

Painting Restoration
St Aldalberts R.C. Church, Buffalo NY
Fall 2014

Timothy Englert was commisioned
to stabilize and restore a water damaged painting.

water damaged painting
top peeled from wall
wall primed
painting reinstalled

after restoration

after restoration

Mural Restoration
St Josaphat R.C. Church, Cheektowaga NY
Spring 2013

St Josaphat R.C. Church, had undergone an extensive interior painting and decorating in the winter of 2013 by Bryans Brothers Painting. In the final stage of the project Timothy Englert was commisioned to restore a faded and sooted mural in the sanctuary to bring back it's clarity and enhance the faded images of this mural.

Mural before restoration with years of sooting and exposure
Mural cleaning with
acid free Vulpex soap
Bottom center
before restoration

Restoring the bottom
center March 2013
before restoration
Center after
St. Josaphat
before restoration

Restoring St. Josaphat
March 2013
Restoring pink angel
right center / April 2013
Center mural
after restoration
Right side / flying angel
before restoration

right side / flying angel
May 2013
right side / flying angel
clouds added
Left side / flying angel
before restoration

Left side / flying angel
after restoration
June 2013
Restoration is done
June 2013

St Josaphat mural is restored / June 2013
St Josaphat is at center, bottom, left.

Angels and Clouds Mural
St Brigids R.C. Church, Bergen NY
Spring 2010
St. Brigids in Bergen NY has undergone an extensive renovation by Bryans Brothers Paints.
In this quiet country church,Timothy Englert was commisioned
to create a mural of his own design with angels and clouds to enhance the remodled sanctuary.

In the Studio
Timothy Englert in his studio with finished images ready for installation.
Mural painting is done in acryilic on canvas in grisaille [tones of grey] in the studio.
The angels based on the paintings by Bouguereau (1825-1905)

On Location, Installation and Painting Colors
Mural near completion with installing the grisaille paintings and final coloring

On Location
Mural near completion.
Background is painted behind cross and lower cloud bank installed

Holy Angels R.C. Church Buffalo NY
Mural of "The Coronation of Mary"

November 2008 - November 2009

Western New York Catholic June 2009
"Mural is Highlight of Renovations
to Historic West Buffalo Church.PDF

Buffalo Business First / Rising Star Series Jan 29, 2010
"Visionary, but not 'Michaelangelo PDF'"

Holy Angels R.C. Church Buffalo NY
Mural of "The Coronation of Mary"Video

The Mural's History
The old mural is painted over [1970's]
New mural is designed and installed [2008-9]

The Coronation Of Mary, surrounded by angels, is the 5th Glorious Mystery of the Roman Catholic Faith. It was originally part of Holy Angels sanctuary mural until the late 1950s. It was painted over and replaced in the late 1970s.

Part of the restoration plans were to bring back The Coronation Of Mary, but with a new concept. In keeping with the Coronation theme, Timothy Englert designed, executed, and installed a new mural based on the paintings of the master artists; Velasquez (1599-1660), Tiepolo (1696-1770), and Bouguereau (1825-1905).

1st process of a mural in the studio
preliminary drawings and grisalle painting

Preliminary Drawing Study
Studio Fall 2008

A preliminary study the study below is from a Velasquez painting done in chalk and pencil on grey gesso paper. This was done 1/3rd the size of the original mural. An important step in famliarizing oneself with the work.

Preliminary grid drawing
study 3:1 scale
Complete preliminary grid drawing study 3:1 scale
On view at Holy Angels Church November 2008

Grisaille painting for mural in studio
[Seymour on ladder RIP]
In the studio
Drawing study [left]
Mural grasille painting [right]

The Process of Installing and Painting a Mural
The scaffold is designed and built and the installation begins.
The grisaille painting is glued to the primed hemisdome with heavy duty wall paper paste.
Then the acyrilic colors are painted over the grisaille painting to finish it.
Clouds the are painted free hand to connect the mural and give the mural continuity.

Scaffold is Configured and Built / Mural Installation Begins

Looking down from the altar

Scaffold around altar top

View towards rose window

1st panel installation
Coronation / March 2009

1st panel installation
Coronation detail / March 2009

2nd right panel
angels installation
April 2009

2nd right panel
angels / detail
April 2009

3rd left panel angels
clouds added / May 2009

3rd left panel angels / detail
clouds added / May 2009

installing outer left angel July 2009
grisaille being colored

installing outer
right angel
June 2009

October 2009 installing upper angels

installing upper
October 2009

Timothy Englert
installing upper angels
Sept 2009

Mural is finished! November 2009

Reception Invitation
Mural Rededication and Blessing

Timothy Englert speaking
at Mural Rededication
and Blessing, Dec.8 2009.

Click Here To View a Larger [Above] Mural Image [4576px 1024px]

Detailed photos of the mural and the artists attributed to.
The center of the mural was based on the painting "Coronation of Mary" by Velasquez(1599-1660).
Detail / Mary
Center Painting
Detail / Cherub
The left flank of the mural are angels based on the paintings by Bouguereau (1825-1905).
Left Flank

Detail / Left Flank
The right flank of the mural are also
angels based on the paintings by
Right Flank

Detail / Right Flank
The far left and right of the mural are angels based on the paintings by Tiepolo (1696-1770).
Far Left

Far Right
On the top of the mural are angels based on the paintings by Tiepolo (1696-1770).
Top Right

3 Flying Angels / Top of Mural

Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Spring 2008
Holy Angels R.C. Church Buffalo NY

Timthy Englert was commisioned to replace the scared heart of St. Mary and Jesus.
Oil paint on canvas
installed above entrance doors
Cross for Transept Ceiling
Holy Angels RC Church
Buffalo NY 2008

Timothy Englert configured this modified celtic cross for Bryans Brothers Paints for part of a renovation 2008-2011. Timothy Englert worked with Bryans Brothers in planning and painting the cross.

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